Monday, July 26, 2010

Germans from Maryland

Apparently, after the Acadian expulsion, several Acadian families settled in Maryland. They too left the area, along with some German families, and settled in St. Gabriel. On January 5, 1769, seven German families and six bachelors sailed for Louisiana on board the schooner Britania, commanded by Phillip Ford bound for New Orleans. Instead they landed in Goliad, Texas and moved to Natchitoches. They finally arrived in New Orleans November 9. By December 29, 1769, they were in St. Gabriel. Families such as Jacob Miller moved to Opelousas.

Names: Miller, Marcoff (Manhoffer), Ory, Basbler, La Maur (Talieur), Raeser, Englehardt, Meche, Muin, Thomas, Pringle, Legueur, Murguier, Sharp, Nicolas, Sylvester, Schlatter (Chelatre), Rein (Reine), Paille, Kleinpeter (Petitpierre), Quidre

The article appeared in Les Voyageurs, Vol. III, No. 4, December 1982, pp. 85-88

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